This was no little adventure, but a great big one – all with the aim of ticking off Zuiderpark parkrun to add a Z to our parkrun alphabet challenge.

Our journey combined trains, a ferry from Hull to Rotterdam, cycling, camping in Delft, trams to The Hague and all culminating in the the beautiful Zuiderpark parkrun, Netherlands.

Coventry to Hull: The Train-Travel Start

Our adventure commenced in Coventry, where we caught the first of five trains to take us to Hull with changes at Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Leeds and finally arriving in Hull. All local trains as with a family of four with bikes, none of the express trains allow booking of more than 2 bikes so are a no-go. We left at 9am in the morning and only made our 7pm ferry with 15mins to spare!

Hull to Rotterdam: A Ferry Crossing to Remember

Upon reaching Hull, we left trains and a short cycle took us to Europort to embark on an unforgettable ferry voyage. The P&O ferry from Hull to Rotterdam offers breathtaking views as the sun was setting and a refreshing sea breeze. It’s a unique and serene transition from the UK to the European mainland with great on-board entertainment and buffet restaurant.

Rotterdam to Delft: The Final Leg

Arriving in Rotterdam as the sun rose, it’s off on our bikes to ride the 18 miles to Delft where we were camping for the next few days. Cycling in the Netherlands lived up to the hype, just fabulous  to have such great traffic free routes to travel along.

Our Stay

We had booked a few nights on a campsite in Delft, so before the main event on Saturday, we took the chance on Friday to chill and explore Delft which is a lovely town definitely worth another visit!

Zuiderpark parkrun: The Ultimate Destination

At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Zuiderpark parkrun beckons. Running alongside fellow parkrun tourists, we ticked off the “Z” in our Alphabet Challenge and also got to celebrate the park’s 2nd birthday. The park’s serene ponds, towering trees, and welcoming volunteers make this parkrun an unforgettable experience. Post parkrun there’s loads of playgrounds to enjoy and a lovely cafe. We also explored a bit of The Hague, in particular I was keen to visit the International Court of Justice to fulfil the political geekery streak in me!

Our Adventure wasn’t over!

We weren’t starting our journey back till the Monday, so Sunday we headed into Amsterdam by double decker train to visit Anne Frank’s house and museum, a great learning experience. Then Monday we struck camp and headed back on our bikes to catch the ferry overnight back to Hull and then retraced our train journey’s home.

Our Adventure In Numbers

It might not have been the easiest way to tick off a parkrun, but it was the lowest carbon travel option for us and it made it into an epic adventure, so what did all our travel add up to?

  • 7 days
  • 60 miles cycled
  • 12 trains ridden (10 in England, 2 in Netherlands)
  • 7 Trams to get us to The Hague and Zuiderpark
  • 6 ferries (from big to small to big)
  • All to do 1 parkrun beginning with Z

We visited:

  • Anne Frank’s House
  • The Hague International Court of Justice
  • Delft
  • Amsterdam
  • The Hague
  • Lots of cafes!

And we had a fabulous time, parkrun tourism to the extreme!