When the dates this year of Marathon Eryri and Coventry Half Marathon coincided on the same weekend, I decided to take on the challenge for a very special cause – The Luca Foundation.

The Events

Both of these events are favourites of mine, it will be my fifth time running Marathon Eryri and Coventry Half Marathon, but never before in the same weekend! They are both special in different ways which is why they keep drawing me back.

Eryri offers spectacular scenery, some wild terrain, real camaraderie amongst runners taking part and of course the food and drink station at mile 24 is something else (if you know, you know). You can watch the film of me running Marathon Eryri last year on our YouTube channel.

Coventry is my home town and it’s great to run with so many from my own running club, Massey Runners, and many other friends from the area plus the amazing support you get on the way round.

I will be filming at both events this year, so watch out for those on our YouTube channel soon, (subscribe so you don’t miss them!)

Any why am I supporting the Luca Foundation?

I’ve known Sharon Luca-Chatha for many years and the work that she and The Luca Foundation do in allowing bereaved parents extra time with their child to say their goodbyes over days rather than hours is so valuable. As parents Ruth and I are blessed with two amazing children but we also have a child we never got to meet as they died in early pregnancy, so the work of this charity is close to our heart.

This ‘gift of time’ can only be achieved with working cold cuddle cots. The Luca Foundation actively ensure that working cuddle cots are available across the UK, in maternity units, NICU wards and Paediatric wards.

Can I do it? I need your help!

While many of you will know I have run quite a few marathons, I’ve never run two events like this “back to back”, it’s going to be tough, so your donations, and the impact the will have, will really help keep me going when my legs are screaming at me to stop! And if you’re free on either day do come and cheer me and all the other runners on.

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