Cycling the Rebellion Way

Ewan and I cycled the Rebellion Way in Norfolk for our Annual Summer Cycletour in 2023

Cycling the Grand Union Canal from London

A random day off from school for Ewan gave us the opportunity for a late November adventure, catching the train to London to ride back along the Grand Union Canal.

Ewan and I Bikepacking the Cantii Way

Our ride took us 150 miles on a mixture of gravel tracks, cycle paths and quiet country lanes starting in Wye amongst the Kent Downs and taking us round the coast through Margate, Dover and Dungeness before heading back inland to return to Wye.

Plan for Ewan’s Fourth Cycle Tour – The Cantii Way

Ewan and I have been captivated by the new route from Cycling UK – the Cantii Way – so after a Scottish Coast to Coast Cycle tour last year, we’re heading right down South East to explore an area of the country we’ve never really been to before.