Climbing Beinn Eighe Mountain Trail

As our Scottish Little Adventure continued, we set about answering the big questions . . .

  • Has Iona got what it takes to climb mountains?
  • Is parkrun easier or harder than ascending 2000ft in 2 miles?
  • Or would it be all too much for an 8 year old?

Our testing ground to answer these questions was the Beinn Eighe Mountain Trail. A perfect taster of hiking in the mountains of the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve.

Watch the video to find out if Iona was up to the challenge!

I did it myself when I was Iona’s age, and Ewan my son climbed it when he was six. It’s a great introduction to climbing with some steep rocky sections where little people definitely need hands and feet to ascend!

The views you are rewarded with are fabulous, looking into the Beinn Eighe range in one direction and out over Loch Maree to Slioch in the other.

What to wear & take for walking the Beinn Eighe Mountain Trail

While it might be a “taster trail” it should be treated with no less respect. Both children were wearing good walking boots (we source ours from Go Outdoors or Decathlon) and had fleeces, waterproofs, hats and gloves with them which were needed on the top as a cold north easterly wind was blowing. Ewan carried his own gear, Iona started out doing so but was finding it a bit much so that was transferred to an adult’s rucksack. Both also use walking poles which they found helpful.

We always carry sweets (haribo!) to help with “motivation” and provide a pick me up. a good lunch, plenty of drink and extra flapjack and snack bars in case a mountain walk should take longer or an incident happen. And, of course, a space blanket survival bag, whistle and first aid kit.

This may seem “over the top” but you should always treat mountains with respect, however benign the coditions when you set out and however, short and straightforward the route may appear. I’ve done a low level walk in the highlands where I walked up to a loch in sunshine and back out in a snow storm (in June).

Beinn Eighe Mountain Trail Route

Despite all guides saying it was 4 miles, our Garmins all registered nearer 5 miles. So it’s certainly slightly longer than the route guides suggest even allowing for GPS variation!

At the start of the route there’s a little hut where you can pick up a guide for the walk which has information about the landscape and flora and fauna at various marked points on the way round. The Mountain Trail leaflet can also be downloaded from Nature Scotland.

GPX and Maps

More information on the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve

There are many other trails and places to explore and enjoy in the reserve. I would highly recommend the Woodland Trail for younger children and a visit to the Vistor Centre and the trails there.

More information on the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve can be found on Nature Scotland’s website.